Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready for change?

Today was a good day for voting. Regardless of what I voted for it is fun to vote. People always seem to "Boo" others who don't vote. I say "Boo" to them. People have just as much right not to vote as we do to vote. Many solders died so we can choose not to vote if we want, but they died so we can vote as well. Also I like to get the sticker that says "I Voted". It allows others to confront me and ask who I voted for, and what I voted on without them feeling like they are stepping through my comfort zone. That situation typically doesn't turn into a heated debate, just a thought provoking conversation.
Today was a monumental day, the first African-American president. How exiting it was to see. Like seeing the first African-American Base ball player, or Lawyer. It will definitely stick with me, and I will forever remember where I was and what I was doing. I can only hope God blesses him as he serves as the president of the united states. Something only a hand full of people get to do, and will ever do.
I hope this day will inspire you and the rest of the world to change for the better, whether it is voting next time, or embracing some one you didn't vote for with the love of God. If you never thought you could become someone the world looked up to, or if you find out greatness wasn't meant for you, let's move forward together. We all need to change. Even if it's just a little.



krazykow said...

My take on all of it...people tell me if I don't vote that I can't complain. Um...no. Voting for who's in office and writing your elected officials to enact change in government are NOT the same. It is a matter of fact that I don't care who's in office more than I care whether or not I'm writing my representatives and using my powers as a citizen to enact change in my government.

Most of the people I know who vote, almost religiously, have not once, ever, written an elected official to lobby for or against a bill. Most of the people I know who vote don't know where to get the information to know what their elected officials are voting on when it doesn't make the headlines.

I find it frustrating that the issue every election year is "whether or not to vote" instead of "what should I write my congressman this month". If you're not participating in your government your vote really doesn't mean anything. Choosing your elected officials means less than your continued involvement. If you only care about changing your government when "power" is changing hands you're just a spectator.

Not a writer? Plenty of groups that offer membership that petition and lobby weekly.

All the above being said...I haven't participated in government at all in a decade. And I'm happy living in my day-to-day utopia, thank you very much!

Good read, Brandon.

Laurie B said...

Very nice Brandon. I'm just waiting to see if we conservatives become "Obama haters" the way the liberals became "Bush haters". I surely hope we don't.