Monday, October 27, 2008

companies these days...

I was in Target yesterday. They have a very cute Halloween display if you haven’t seen it. I was taking a picture of some bat they had on there display when security kindly asked me not to take pictures in the store, it was store policy. I was surprised because after all they sell cameras, and have one of the best photo labs around. It got me to think how many other companies have this same policy. I also thought what if some other companies had the same policy, like Disney for instance. In fact Disney had a great contest on YouTube for people to send in their best home videos taken in the park.

In the world we live in store policies like the one Target has will not be able to last very long. In fact I’m sure they would have a difficult time enforcing it. I understand why Target (and I don’t mean to pick on just Target, it’s the policy like this one stores have in general that capture my attention.) has this policy, but I wish more companies would understand the way the world is changing and make it more fun for the consumer. The same way Disney did. In fact it would bring much free publicity to a store for choosing to do what Disney did with YouTube. It might even help them sell a few cameras.

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