Friday, June 12, 2009

Music! Yes!

Ok so music is doing so good rite now. Not only do I love the new sounds, but old bands are coming out with new sounds, and reviving old styles. I love The Airborn Toxic Event, and Siversun Pickups, and The Killers... The list goes on. What I love the best is the old bands coming back after so long and doing new stuff. I guess New Kids On the Block kind of started it (Not that I listen to them). But other bands have followed. Like Rancid, Dipech Mode, and best of all Blink 182. How awesome is it and inspiring that we can all put aside our differences, and focus on what counts. It makes me swell up with happiness and joy, and... whatever you get it. I hope you all are finding fun surprises in the music community. What are some of your thoughts?

P.S. Check out The Coldwar Kids everyone. I think you all will enjoy there stuff. ( The stuff on the radio is not as good as the rest. Plus they put on an amazing show :0)

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