Friday, June 19, 2009

A clear picture

I love to take pictures. I have always dreamt of going around the world and taking pictures for a living. About two years ago we bought the nicest digital camera we could find. 10.2 mega pixels. Wow! not really. It had all kinds of cool settings but it still had a small lens that takes OK shots. The photos on this blog were taken primarily with the old camera. So now I have a Nikon L100. I like it so much better. It has a giant lens, and good settings. I can crop, and flip the pictures in the camera! That alone will save me much time. Here is my favorite shot so far.
Since we have moved near Fullerton we have been taking advantage of all the wilderness trails they have. There are some cool places around here. If you haven't been and would like to know where they are please let me know so I can tell you. This picture was taken near the Brea Dam. I love how you can see Long Beach waaaaaay beyond Knott's Berry Farm. The picture came out kind of blurry because of the heat. That trail was an unexpected surprise.

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David said...

I really like that second picture!